This is an introductory course in research, composition, delivery and evaluation of speeches for a variety of purposes and occasions. Students will develop skills in critical listening and analysis through small group and individual activities.

*Students who enroll in an online section of COM 105 MUST HAVE the following:

  1. Canvas experience
  2. We strongly recommend a digital video camera (handycam).  Other recording devices will be allowed as long as the device will capture a full body shot. Acceptable video formats include .flv, .avi, .mov, .qt, .mpg and .mp4
  3. Ability to complete the proctoring requirement:
    • Students must be able to appear at OTC-Springfield or another approved location for a 30 minute appointment to have their final speech recorded.
    • OTC will announce dates and times in the course syllabus.
    • Students must bring a 5 person audience with them. Every audience member must be over 16.
    • Due to COVID-19, the audience member requirement is a 3 person audience.  Every audience member must be over 14.

Questions? Please contact OTC’s Department of Communication at