This is an introductory course in research, composition, delivery and evaluation of speeches for a variety of purposes and occasions. Students will develop skills in critical listening and analysis through small group and individual activities.

*Students who enroll in an online section of COM 105 MUST HAVE the following:

  1. Canvas experience
  2. We strongly recommend a digital video camera (handycam).  Other recording devices will be allowed as long as the device will capture a full body shot. Acceptable video formats include .flv, .avi, .mov, .qt, .mpg and .mp4
  3. Ability to complete the proctoring requirement:
    • You will be required to attend an in-person or an online appointment with the OTC Speech Communication Center via zoom to review your Role Model Speech outline draft.  This 20-minute appointment must be completed to pass the class, no exceptions.
    • Your instructor will post the specific proctoring dates and times in your canvas course section early in the semester.
    • The objective of this assignment is to review your Role Model Speech rough draft but you should show up to the zoom appointment even if your rough draft is incomplete.  You will be asked to provide identification at the beginning of the appointment to meet the proctoring guidelines.  Make sure your draft is typed in Microsoft Word because you will share your computer screen with the tutor or email your draft for the review process.  You will also be required to upload your draft to Canvas prior to your tutoring session.

Questions? Please contact OTC’s Department of Communication at