John Gambon Sp18

Ph.D., Walden University

MS, Emporia State University

BS, Missouri State University

Office: NKM 235I

Phone: 417-447-8251

John Gambon, Ph.D. is an OTC trailblazer who first began teaching at the college when the doors opened in 1991.  John has taught nearly all the psychology courses offered at OTC including Introductory Psychology, Psychology of the Workplace, Consumer Behavior, Child Psychology,  Life Span Development, and Psychology of Aging.  John completed his Master of Science degree in Industrial Psychology from Emporia State University and his Doctorate of Philosophy in Organizational Psychology from Walden University in Minneapolis Minnesota.

In addition to his teaching, John has worked as a consultant for the Missouri Public Defender’s office in cases involving proper Eyewitness Identification issues.  He has handled criminal cases such as homicides, assaults, armed robberies and other cases where there is a question of how accurate witnesses were in identifying suspects.

John has often volunteered to assist many within the community.  He served on the Board of the Kitchen for six years including two years as Board President.  He has coordinated fundraisers such as the Knights Striking Out for the Kitchen Bowlathon which has raised over $900,000 for Rare Breed and the Kitchen.  He has also worked various fundraisers to help Missouri Special Olympics and Coats for Kids.

John enjoys golf, traveling with family and woodworking.