Aviation Program Requirements

Prospective Students: Here are some directions regarding specific FAA documents that you will need to obtain.

FAA Medical

This needs to be completed before the start of class or your flight training will be delayed.

If you have questions about medical certificates, check out the FAA’s FAQ website.

Student Pilot License

Students who do not possess an FAA pilot certificate will need to apply for an FAA student pilot certificate in addition to applying for the medical certificate. Students will have the opportunity to apply for a student pilot certificate with one of our Certified Flight Instructors at the flight center.  Please note, for a person to get a private pilot’s license, they must have a valid form of photo identification, (for example; driver’s license, passport, military issued ID).

TSA Clearance

Our flight courses occur at a TSA secured airport. You will need to present a valid driver’s license or government photo ID, as well as a valid Birth Certificate with the raised seal [a copy will not work], or Passport before you will be able to participate.  This clearance can occur at our flight center.