Pharmacy Technician

Short-Term Training


The Certified Pharmacy Technician Program offered at OTC (Ozarks Technical Community College) equips students with the necessary skills to embark on an entry-level career in various pharmacy settings. Pharmacy technicians are crucial in assisting pharmacists in dispensing prescription medications to customers and healthcare professionals. They can be found working in retail pharmacies and hospitals, providing valuable support to ensure the safe and efficient distribution of medications.

The responsibilities of pharmacy technicians encompass a wide range of tasks. These include gathering pertinent information from customers or healthcare professionals to fulfill prescription requirements. They accurately measure medication quantities for prescriptions, carefully package and label them, and maintain an organized inventory while promptly notifying pharmacists of any shortages. Furthermore, pharmacy technicians handle payment processing for prescriptions and facilitate insurance claims. They also input customer or patient data, promptly address incoming phone calls from customers, and arrange for them to consult with pharmacists for any inquiries related to medications or health concerns.

By enrolling in the Certified Pharmacy Technician Program at OTC, students will acquire the essential knowledge and competencies to excel in this dynamic field, preparing them for a promising career path within diverse pharmacy environments.

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