This program includes coursework with an emphasis on medium and heavy duty trucks designed to teach the fundamentals of preventative maintenance, engine operation and service procedures.  Additional courses related to the automotive industry will begin during the 2nd year and include instruction on systems design, operation, diagnosis, repair and trouble shooting.  Students accepted into this program must demonstrate mechanical reasoning skills.

This program will prepare students to begin entry level positions in a child care facility.  Students will learn basic fundamentals of child care including infant/toddler development and care, family relationships, creative play, appropriate discipline, child abuse and neglect as well as child care management.  Students must pass a background check and TB skin test.

This program will focus on classes which provide a foundation to various careers in health occupations.  First year students will be enrolled in rigorous coursework including medical terminology and first responders.  Successful students will proceed into emergency medical technician basics and advanced biology to gain additional healthcare skills.

This program provides an entry level preview of the networking and computer information sciences fields.  Students will learn basic essentials including diagnosing and troubleshooting computer malfunctions to upgrading of computer hardware and software.  Additional coursework in introductory programming concepts, problem solving, database management, spreadsheet application and internet usage will be provided.

This program includes coursework with an emphasis in greenhouse operations and the uses and growth requirements for plants in landscape settings.  Additional courses relevant to equipment maintenance and landscaping construction will begin during the second year including basic plan reading, calculating and estimating the use of hardscape materials.  Laboratory instruction will provide students opportunity to safely operate in a landscape environment.

This program is a rigorous, accelerated program of study for high achieving students. Selected students complete their junior and senior years of high school while attending OTC.   Student scheduling is flexible and individualized based on the high school graduation credits needed, assigned college courses and the student’s specific goals. Selected courses are relevant to a wide variety of allied health degrees.