Academic Integrity

Students and faculty of Ozarks Technical Community College are expected to behave as responsible members of the college community and to be honest and ethical in their academic work. OTC faculty strive to provide students with the knowledge, skills, judgment, and wisdom they need to participate meaningfully in society as educated adults.

To falsify or fabricate the results of one’s research; to present the words, ideas, data, or work of another as one’s own; or to cheat on an examination corrupts the essential process of higher education.

Academic dishonesty, or violation of academic integrity, is not condoned or tolerated at Ozarks Technical Community College (OTC). Most infractions of academic integrity are governed by the instructional dean responsible for the division in which the violation occurs.

OTC delegates the following disciplinary authorities to faculty in responding to infractions of academic integrity:

  • Requiring a reattempt at the assignment or assessment in question.
  • Requiring the completion of an alternative assignment or assessment.
  • Lowering the score on the assignment or assessment in question.
  • Recording a “zero” for the assignment or assessment in question.
  • Referral for further review and disciplinary action at the administrative level.

Some infractions of academic integrity may violate state or federal laws or professional codes and may carry serious legal consequences.

(Rev. 6-4-09)