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What is Bennett & Wonderlic Testing?

Learn more about Bennett & Wonderlic Testing.

Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test II (BMCT-II)This assessment is the most widely used test of mechanical aptitude. This assessment presents simple, frequently encountered mechanisms and situations. While not based on specific training, this assessment requires a working knowledge of basic mechanical operations and the application of physical laws. The BMCT focuses on spatial perception and tool knowledge rather than manual dexterity and measures an individual’s aptitude to learn mechanical skills and learn the principles of operation and repair of complex devices.

Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam (SLE). This is an assessment of problem-solving abilities. The SLE may be a better predictor of training success than grade point average, level of education and special skills. This is because the test identifies an individual’s capacity for learning, as well as the ability to apply knowledge. This assessment effectively identifies the academic skills of each applicant.

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