EMT Admission Information – Updated June 2024

Students enrolling in the EMT course (EMS 101) at Ozarks Technical Community College will be automatically added to an online orientation course in Canvas. This will occur within a few months of the start date of the EMS 101 course. Students must complete the online orientation and meet the clinical requirements, or they will not be able to remain in the course for that semester.

There is no longer a specific EMT application or acceptance process.

There is no longer an in-person orientation.

There is no longer an application for EMT (the application for paramedic does still exist)

There is no longer a “Health Sciences Hold” or “instructor hold” on the EMS 101 course. Students are eligible to enroll in any open EMS 101 course and then will be assigned the orientation course.


Application/Admission Steps

  1. Complete OTC admission process. APPLY HERE!
  2. Email questions to healthsciences@otc.edu 
  3. Once you are an OTC student you can register for the EMS 101 section that works best for you. Contact admissions for help with this process.
  4. All students will be required to complete the online EMT orientation in Canvas to remain in the class.

READ FIRST – EMS 101 is the EMT course at OTC. Successful completion of EMS 101 allows students to test for NREMT certification and then obtain a Missouri State EMT License. The “Certificate of Specialization  Paramedicine – Emergency Medical Technician” Is the completion certification earned after completing EMT, EMS Essentials, Anatomy, and Physiology which are the pre-requisite courses for the Paramedic Program.

Paramedicine Vaccination Requirements 
Students will be required to submit documentation for required immunizations, TB testing, and a current Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers CPR.  Further information is emailed after orientation. Exceptions to any of these vaccines is subject to clinical site approval. Influenza and Covid vaccines are required unless exceptions are obtained and approved.

EMT Pre-Course Information

This is intended as a guide for students who are enrolling in EMS 101. It is a list of important information and links.