The Associate of Science degree in Chemistry is designed for students who plan to transfer and complete a Bachelor of Science degree at a four-year institution. The degree requirements allow students more flexibility in course selection allowing them to focus on their discipline requirements.

Note: Completion of this degree does not guarantee that all lower-division general education requirements have been met for a baccalaureate degree. In selecting courses for this degree, students are highly encouraged to consult their faculty advisor and the institution to which they intend to transfer to determine if it is an appropriate choice.


Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 Semester 4
MTH 140 MTH 141 CHM 242 CHM 243
CHM 160 CHM 170 PHY 120 PHY 130
CHM 161 CHM 171 COM 105 HST 120
ENG 101 ENG 150 PHL 105 CHM 250
PLS 101 BIO 160    


If you are uncertain where to start in your math sequence, take a look at the Math Placement with Test Scores Tool to learn more.

We recommend that you only schedule 2 lab based courses per semester.