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Precision Machining Technology
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Precision Machining Technology

Build and fix the tools needed in a modern world. Join a highly specialized, lucrative industry looking for more workers. This hands-on program teaches students the processes of manufacturing and machining with an understanding of specifications, dimensions, materials, finishing, methods of assembly and more to manufacture a product. Classes include Industrial Safety, Computer Numerical Control, Machine Shop and Computer Aided Manufacturing. Upon completion, students receive an Associate of Applied Science in Precision Machining Technology. For an expedited path to employment, students may obtain a short-term Precision Machining Technology Certificate.

Program Snapshot

Precision Machining Technology Mission Statement

The mission of the Precision Machining Technology program at Ozarks Technical Community College is to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary for a successful career in the machining industry. Students will receive hands-on training with advanced machine tools and learn the fundamental skills needed to precisely manufacture products and tooling.

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