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Getting Started Career Center

In order to apply for admission into the OTC Career Center, interested students from participating school districts should talk first with their school counselor, who will assist them through the process.

Many of the 19 programs are competitive. So good class attendance, a good grade point average (GPA), a strong work ethic, good study skills and a positive attitude will all help students stand out as good candidates. School counselor recommendations also play an important role in acceptance to the Career Center.

Once the decision is made to apply, click here to start the two-step application process.

Currently Admitted Students

Currently OTC considers admitted students those who enroll for the duration of the program or until high school graduation, pending student performance. Enrollment is not guaranteed and OTC bases it upon the student’s past performance, attendance and recommendation of OTC Career Center’s administration, instructors and the student’s high school counselor.

If currently enrolled students would like to change programs, they must communicate their program choice to their OTC Career Center program adviser. The they must complete the necessary form and consult their parent/guardian and school counselor. Not all programs are open each semester. Some programs have limited space. Early communication is helpful for program change requests.

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