Career Center Testimonials

What Parents, Students and Educators Have to Say About OTC Career Center

“I can’t tell you enough how excited I am to have our students be a part of your programs… This opportunity gives them encouragement and vision for what they are capable of doing with their lives. It also challenges them to rise up another notch to be on a college campus. Thank you for all that you do.”
~ Local High School Principal

“This is an amazing opportunity for my daughters to try out different career choices and be challenged to get started on their future at no cost.”
~ OTC Career Center Parent

“I think it is a good idea because I can get prepared for the field I am interested in before I graduate from high school.”
~ Dayspring Student

“I appreciate it, and I have learned a lot from you. You have been an invaluable professional resource to me, and I am thankful you are in my life pathway!”
~ Local High School Partner

“Through the OTC Career Center, my son was able to gain valuable training through hands-on learning while still in high school. This training continues to serve him well today as he begins exploring career options. My son is considering returning to OTC for advanced training, and I feel that is directly related to the positive experience he had as an OTC Career Center student. I appreciate the genuine interest the OTC Career Center faculty and staff showed in my son’s success at OTC, his high school and in his future.”
~ OTC Career Center Parent 

“We are huge supporters of OTC and would love to see more of our students take advantage of the many opportunities available there. Thanks again for all you and the faculty at OTC do for our school and community.”
~ Area School Superintendent

“I am excited about this opportunity for our students to earn college credit and try out different career paths. These programs inspire vision and motivation in our students for preparing for their future.”
~ Local School Principal

“Thank you so much for this information and for the consistent cooperation between OTC and CHS!”
~ Local High School Asst. Principal

“It is exciting to share with students and parents what the OTC Career Center has to offer! There are many program options for students to choose from, led by a dedicated team of instructors eager to share their experience and expertise. The OTC Career Center is a win-win opportunity for high school students to receive career training and get a jumpstart on their college credits as well. Students enrolled in the OTC Career Center are engaged and enthusiastic about learning. You can sense their excitement!”
~ Local High School Counselor 

“My daughter was one of those above average kids who got lost in the crowd at her high school. She became disengaged and had emotionally checked out. That’s when her school counselor introduced her to the OTC Career Center 1/2 day media program at OTC. IT CHANGED HER LIFE! Suddenly she was excited about school, enthusiastic to learn and eager to take classes that mattered to her. She spent all of her junior and senior year taking audio, broadcast and video courses. She won several local and state awards for her work as well. Now she is an audio engineering major in St. Louis and absolutely thriving! Thank you OTC for inspiring my daughter, giving her a career path and setting her on a course to independence, success and a great paycheck!”
~ OTC Career Center Parent