Bera Nichols Spring 2016

Business Instructor

MSE, Arkansas State University

BSE, Arkansas State University

Office: GRF 118

Phone: (417) 447-8814

Bera Nichols

Courses taught:  BUS 100 Service Learning in Business, BUS 125 Selling, BUS 140 Business Communications, BUS 150 Principles of Management, and BUS 245 Entrepreneurship.

Professional Experience:

In addition to teaching, my work experience has been in marketing.  I have worked in the areas of retailing, sales, marketing research, human resources, and advertising.

Research Interests:

Service Learning, Online Education, and Marketing Communication Effectiveness

Publications and/or Accomplishments:

Advisor of Enactus since 2002


Gardening, Traveling

What is your favorite website? For sure, it is

What was your favorite course in college? Economics; yes, really!!

Why do you enjoy working at OTC? I enjoy my students and our dynamic work environment. I get to work with SIFE as it evolves each year. It is so gratifying to see the impact each year’s team makes; these SIFE students are truly making our corner of Missouri a better place.

What kind of music is on your iPod? Old tunes because I am a baby boomer, born in the middle of the boom. Music has always been a part of my life and, like everyone else, certain songs remind me of special times. The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, Stevie Nicks, Santana, Natalie Merchant, Matchbox Twenty, Daniel Powter, Adele, etc.

What teacher had the most impact on you while in school? It is hard to pick one. From K-1, Mrs.White saw the teacher in me and had me helping other students, which continued with other teachers/grades. In high school, my advisors in DECA and NHS sparked my desire for civic engagement. In college, my accounting and crazy retailing instructors, really inspired me to continue in business.

Schools attended and the earned degrees:

MSE, Arkansas State University

BSE, Arkansas State University

Southeast Missouri State University

Missouri State University

University of Missouri

What made you interested in your degree area?

From working in a retail clothing store at age 16, I knew I loved it, so I chose a business degree. Later, other influences guided me toward education.

Brief history of what brought you to OTC.

Hearing good things about Springfield, MO, caused me to seek a job at Graff Career Center. Working there, I served on a committee to help research the viability of a possible community college which became OTC.

Did your work in industry or have you always taught?

Technical education in Missouri requires instructors to have related work experience. My industry work experience has been interspersed between and in addition to teaching, in the areas of marketing (including retailing, sales, and marketing research) plus management and human resources.

What committees do you serve on either at OTC or in the community?

I am working with the student involvement committee, and specifically with the Enactus student organization, and the curriculum committee of the OTC Business Department.

What is your favorite class to teach and why?

This is not an easy answer; marketing is more dynamic and fun. However, management is a calling to teach that good managers are essential for good employees to succeed.