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Consult the FAQS for answers about admission, acceptance and schedules. This program offers basic and paramedic certifications

Where do I find the EMT application?

The application material for EMT Basic 

The application material for Paramedic

What is the cost of the courses?

The Program Cost list is located on the EMT program webpage.

How long does the training last for EMT?

The EMT Basic is one semester. The paramedic training is 3 semesters after obtaining an EMT Basic licensure.

How do I become a better candidate for selection?

There is a selection criteria list located online with the EMT applications. Students who submit a completed application and submit other required information as stated on the selection criteria list will have a better chance of being selected.

What are my chances of being selected?

The EMT Program is a selective admission process. The completeness of the application is critical. The program is more likely to select students who submit an application and other required information by the deadline.

What are the deadlines for application?

EMT Basic Application Deadlines:

August 3/Fall start
December 3/Spring start
May 3/Summer start

Paramedic Application Deadline:

October 3/Spring start

Can I become an EMT Paramedic without becoming an EMT?

No. Students must become licensed as an EMT in order to become a paramedic candidate.

Will military training for emergency medical services be accepted as the equivalent to any EMT training?

No. The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians does not accept military training as the equivalent. The Bureau of Emergency Medical Services in Missouri requires candidates to successfully complete an approved EMT basic, or paramedic course(s) before testing for licensure.

When will the EMT student be eligible to test for licensure?

Upon successful completion of the EMT Basic or Paramedic course(s). The candidate will be eligible for testing with training site instructor approval.

Can I complete my testing in another state?

You can complete testing in another state. Training sites must sponsor EMT basic students who wish to test outside of the state. EMT Paramedic students can test in any state and will be sponsored by the OTC training site.

Is the OTC Paramedic Program an accredited training site?

Yes. The State of Missouri Health and Human Services and Emergency Medical Services and the CoAEMSP have given accreditation to the paramedic program.

Does the A.A.S. EMT/paramedic degree transfer?

Yes. This degree will transfer into Drury University’s CCPS Bachelor of Science in in Emergency Management.

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