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ProctorU Auto FAQ

If a student is taking their proctored exam at an OTC testing center, how will they know they are not using the ProctorU service?

In order for the ProctorU service to work, the computer the student is working on must have the ProctorU Chrome Extension installed. The extension ‘enters’ the password for a student when they click on the “take quiz” button in your canvas course.

To prevent that from happening at our OTC testing centers, we have worked with IT to block the ProctorU Chrome extension from being installed on our computers. So, when a student gets to the screen in Canvas where a password is required – our testing staff will simply do what they have always done, and enter the password for the student.

The only change is that instead of the faculty member creating the password – the password has been automatically generated in by the ProctorU Chrome extension. A new tool our testing staff have allows them to pull that password directly out of your Canvas site in real time (meaning we do not need the form from you all anymore!)

Do I need to make two separate exams - one for Proctor U and one for the testing center or off campus proctors?

Nope ! One exam will work for all processes.

How will students be paying the $3 fee?

If a student has:

  • set up their ProctorU account
  • installed the ProctorU Chrome extension on the device they will be using to take the exam

Then when they click on the exam to begin their session, a new screen will pop up and the ProctorU Extension will “kick in”.  Students will do their technology check, their room check, and pay using this extension before they are given access to the exam.

Will I have to create a ProctorU account and download the ProctorU Chrome extension everytime?

No and yes.. maybe 🙂

ProctorU Account:  Once you create your ProctorU account it is follows you from course to course, section to section, and semester to semester.  There is a 48 hour delay in initial account creation (to verify your identify as an OTC instructor) so please get your account set up well in advance of your proctored event.

ProctorU Chrome Extension: You will need to download the ProctorU Chrome Extension separately onto each new device you use. For example, if you do some work from an OTC computer and some work from a personal computer – you’ll need to download the extension on each device separately.

I have downloaded the ProctorU Chrome Extension several times, but when I try to work in Canvas, it tells me I still need the extension.

This may be because you have your default browser set to something other than Google Chrome.  Please be sure you are in Google Chrome when you download the ProctorU Chrome Extension.  You’ll know if you are in Google Chrome if the blue button says “add extension”…. if the blue button says “available on chrome” you are not in Google Chrome”

Do students who plan to use ProctorU have to click a different button on the Canvas menu to access their exam?

No – all students (regardless of how they will be taking their proctored event) should simply access the quiz through the quiz button, or the modules button, or however you normally guide them to that event.

When I am in student view and I click on the ProctorU tab in my Canvas site - I get an error.

Yes  – this is because the “student view” feature in Canvas doesn’t extend to the ProctorU software.

You can check out what a student will see in this video that TCCD Connect eLearning made – keep your eyes out for an OTC specific video coming soon….

How do I / my students use ProctorU Auto with Connect (or Mastering, or MyLAb, or any other publisher software/ancillary)?

ProctorU Auto only works with exams in Canvas.  So, if you typically use an exam in a publisher software/ancillary system you will need to update your course/process – you can either:

1.Convert your exam from the publisher software/ancillary into a Canvas quiz

but wait!  I don’t want my proctored event to be a quiz – I want it to be an exam …. I know – this can sound a bit odd, but it turns out it’s just a matter of vocabulary – in order for a student assessment to be password protected in Canvas, it must be created as a “Quiz” – but you can title the assessment “Exam” so your students don’t get confused.

2. Create a new/different proctored event for your course that can be taken directly through Canvas

If you have questions on how to tackle this, or need help in creating your Canvas Quiz – the folks in the IDEA lab are here to help

Does my Proctor U account have to be the same email address as my OTC Student account?

No, it does not, but be sure to safely store the email and password you use so that you can log in to ProctorU in the future.

I am trying to take a quiz but I’m getting prompted to put in an Access Code. What do I do?

  • Make sure you are using Chrome browser.
  • Make sure the Proctor U extension is installed.
  • Make sure you are logged into the Proctor U extension.

If you need further assistance with any of the items above, view these step-by-step instructions.

Don't see your question answered here?

Please contact us and we’ll get you the answer and update this page as well!

  • Testing Services at your campus or location for questions about live on-location proctoring
  • OTC Online for questions about remote live proctoring or ProctorU Auto
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