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OTC assesses the Institutional Learning Outcomes in an effort to evaluate the effectiveness of programs, departments, and services in preparing student to succeed in their personal, academic, and professional lives.

Students will demonstrate effective communication skills, including listening, speaking, and writing, in order to advance academically and professionally.

Students will develop career competencies and self-management skills needed to gain employment in their chosen professions.

Students will develop personal and professional relationships by demonstrating ethical behavior, collaborative work, and constructive conflict resolution to promote success and advancement in their careers.

Students will demonstrate the ability to problem solve through the processes of analyzing, reflecting, reasoning, and forming conclusions and judgments on a variety of math concepts, ideas, issues, and information.

Students will demonstrate how to create, retrieve, organize, and analyze information, including information from digital and technological sources.

Students will demonstrate the ability to recognize and respect the impact of different cultures, ethnic groups, and values on society and the interdependence of people around the globe.

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