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RDG 040 Reading Comprehension

A 3-credit hour course is now available to ANY student who would like to read more easily with improved comprehension. (main campus). For more information click here.

Students actively engage with a tutor in an individualized program that eliminates reading difficulties and makes reading easier and more enjoyable.  Intensive tutoring using MP3 players will help the student compel the brain to form more efficient reading pathways.  Ultimately, this course seeks to give students the reading comprehension skills needed for college success and to enhance every aspect of the student’s life in their work at home. For more information click here.

RDG 100 College Vocabulary

This course is designed for students who want to expand their college level vocabulary skills through the study of word origins and word parts including prefixes, roots, suffixes, and word families.  Students will be introduced to vocabulary essential to understanding basic concepts require din general education courses.  Students will be assited in expanding both their word comprehension and written expression.  This course is self-paced and computer-assisted.  An instructor in teh Speckman Tutoring and Learning Center will assist students in their course of study on a flexible schedule. Enrollment is open until midterm. Prerequisite: Asset Scaled Scores – 40-54; ACT Scores – 19 & Above; Compas Scores – 80-100

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