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Reading Comprehension Video

Reading Comprehension Program Description

RDG 040 is highly recommended for ALL OTC students.  The ability to read effectively and efficiently is crucial to any college student. Whether you have struggled with reading your whole life or you simply have to reread textbook chapters in order to comprehend, this is THE CLASS FOR YOU.  RDG 040 helps students who have struggled with reading their whole lives, as well as those students who have graduated from high school with a strong academic record.  In fact, people who already have their college degrees have benefitted from this class!  RDG 040 will increase your focus and reasoning skills, improving your chances for success in college and life.

In the Fall 2008 semester, OTC introduced the 3-hour course, RDG 040.  Students who previously struggled to remember what they had read, labored over comprehension of textbooks, or simply did not enjoy reading took RDG 040.  Upon successful completion of the course, these same students found that their focus and comprehension drastically improved, and many of them learned that reading is fun and enjoyable.

In RDG 040, OTC students actively engage with a tutor in an individualized program that eliminates reading difficulties and makes reading easier and more enjoyable.  Every student receives an individual consultation in which a trained reading specialist determines the amount of struggle it takes the student to read and comprehend.  Once the initial placement reading level is determined, intensive one-on-one tutoring begins.

Some students will use MP3 players, while others start out reading directly with their tutors.  In both cases, this individualized instruction compels the brain to learn the way it naturally learns through process learning.  By creating a new habit toward reading, the brain forms a more efficient reading pathway, eventually eliminating the former struggle.

Students will gain confidence as they discover and utilize new critical thinking skills, too!  Ultimately, this course seeks to give students the skills needed for college success AND to enhance every aspect of students’ lives in their work and at home.  This class can make all the difference in how you perform in ALL your other coursework.  Students have reported improved ability in math, psychology, science, and history because of RDG 040, and YOU can do the same!  Plus, you’ll learn to enjoy reading, even if it’s always been a chore in the past.  Take RDG 040before you take any other class at OTC!

Register online, or talk to your advisor.  For questions or further information, contact the Coordinator, Kimberly Whalen, at or 417-447-8947.

Also, be sure to check out our video that features student testimonials about the benefits of taking RDG 040!

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