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Keys To College Success Video

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CAC120 Flyer

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CAC120 Video

What is Keys to College Success (CAC 120) all about?

In a nutshell, the focus of this course is SUCCESS: what it means to you and how to achieve it. You will gain many proven strategies for creating greater college, professional, and personal success, and you’ll have a fun time doing it! In this class, you will learn how to …

When you take more personal responsibility for your choices and actions, you have the power to create the life you want. YOU are in control of your destiny.

It’s hard to get motivated when you’re not sure what you want or where you’re headed. This course will help you to discover goals and dreams that are important to you and give you a sense of purpose in college.

You will learn many strategies for taking control of your time and energy, allowing you to move more effectively and efficiently toward the accomplishment of your goals and dreams.

Developing positive relationships with people who will help you to achieve your goals and dreams as you assist them to achieve theirs is essential to everyone’s success.

When you realize that negative patterns of behavior, thoughts, and emotions are standing in your way of success, you can take steps to make positive changes.

You will explore research on the way the human brain learns and discover your own learning style, which will give you an advantage in your college courses and help you develop a passion for lifelong learning.

Decreasing stress and dealing with life’s problems in a healthy way will help to increase your sense of well-being and keep you on track of your goals and dreams.

You will learn how to enhance the thinking skills needed for analyzing and solving problems in your college, professional, and personal lives.

You can raise your grades in college by improving essential skills like reading, writing, note taking, memorizing, studying and test taking. You’ll also learn what college instructors expect and how to make the transition to college go much more smoothly.

Believing in yourself and your abilities is at the heart of creating the success you want, and building that self-confidence is at the heart of this course.

For further questions, feel free to contact instructor Lisa Marks in the Speckman Tutoring & Learning Center at (417) 447-8167.

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