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Articulation Procedures

OTC will provide the high schools and each career & technical school a catalog and list of courses available for articulation. (These will include OTC’s course name, catalog number, credit hours and hours of instruction.)

The high school’s administrators, counselors and instructors will use the list and the brief description in the back of the college catalog to identify the courses that may align with the high school or career & technical school courses at their school.

The high school or career & technical school sends the list of possible courses, including the OTC catalog course numbers, to the OTC Coordinator of Technical Education Program Coordinator. (FAX 417-447-8127)

The consortium director will then send the OTC course syllabus and other information to the high school or career & technical school for each course that is requested. This will allow a more detailed comparison of the OTC course and the high school or career & technical school course.

If there is in fact a possible match, the high school or career & technical school will send the following for review by OTC’s department chairs and instructors:

If approved, there will be a formal articulation agreement signed by the two schools’ officials for each program of study. Each student interested in articulating high school credit will register online in CATEMA at   The high school instructor will accept the student into the class.  Once the student has successfully mastered the course competencies, the instructor will recommend the student for college credit.  OTC will then send a confirmation letter, certificate, and application to the student after completion of their junior and senior year.

When students enroll for classes at OTC, they are required to complete an articulated credit application to receive their articulated credit after attending OTC for one full semester.

Enroll at OTC within two years of high school graduation.

If you have any questions please contact:

Cindy Phillips, Technical Education Program Coordinator
1001 E. Chestnut Expressway Springfield, MO 65802
Phone 417-447-8121
Fax 417-447-8127

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