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Student Benefits

Reduced Tuition

Students in the TAACCCT program receive reduced tuition. The amount varies per program. In general, only a reduced portion of tuition for courses specific to the degree program is charged to the student. However, the student is still responsible for full tuition on courses not specific to the program as well as fees, books, supplies, etc.

For example, students in the MoSTEM WINS Chemical Laboratory Technology (CLT) program would pay a reduced amount of tuition for their CLT100 course, but pay full tuition for their MTH110 course.

Note that the reduced tuition benefits are only applied during the grant period. Any courses taken after the grant period has ended will be charged at full tuition rates.

Associate Degrees and Certificates

All TAACCCT grant programs offer an associate degree and/or a certificate in a specialized field of study. With these credentials, graduates can earn higher salaries and have a much higher rate of job placement.

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