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Admission into a TAACCT grant program starts by contacting the appropriate Recruitment & Retention Specialist. Only these specialists  may assess student eligibility and process admittance into the program. They will also help you to find advisors and other resources, and can guide you through the rest of the admission process.

Admission Steps

  1. Apply at OTC
    All OTC students apply using the OTC Application for Admission
    Note: Some programs require prerequisite courses and/or placement testing. Check the individual program description for details.
  2. Register with the Missouri Career Center
    All grant recipients register for an account with the Missouri Career Center.

Apply for Grant Eligibility

To determine eligibility for the grant, students must contact the appropriate TAACCCT or MoWINS Recruitment & Retention Specialist or visit the local Missouri Career Center. Appointments are not necessary, but plan to spend at least an hour for your initial visit.

We’re here to help

Representatives are available to answer questions by phone or email. Your success is our top priority, so let us know how we can help.

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