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About TEPH

Promoting Public Health

The OTC Technology-Enabled Pathways to Healthcare (TEPH) grant programs were designed to prepare students for high-skill positions in health services and health sciences in 2 years or less. See below for more info.

Technology Enabled Pathways to Healthcare (TEPH)

Grant-funded instruction for the TEPH program has ended, and OTC is no longer enrolling students under the grant.  The links below are for informational purposes only.  For information about enrolling in OTC’s regular ASN or OTA programs, please contact the Allied Health Department directly at 417-447-8804 or

Contact TEPH

DJ Vidt
Recruitment and Retention Specialist/TAACCCT RD III

About TEPH

TEPH is a subsidiary program of the Department of Labor’s TAACCCT grant coordinated by OTC and available only to OTC students. Contact us to learn more about TEPH.

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