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The Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) program is a Department of Labor grant program to serve Trade Act participants, as well as veterans, unemployed,underemployed, and low skilled individuals and provide education and career training programs that can be completed in two years or less. Through this and other multi-year grants, the Department of Labor is helping to ensure that our nation’s institutions of higher education are helping adults succeed in acquiring the skills, degrees, and credentials needed for high-wage, high-skill employment while also meeting the needs of employers for skilled workers.

Missouri’s 12 community colleges and one state technical college are participating in TAACCCT grant programs.

More information on TAACCCT

Missouri Workforce Innovation Networks grants (MoWINS) are grant-assisted programs of study coordinated by the MCCA (Missouri Community College Association) and awarded to a consortium of Missouri community colleges under a U.S. Department of Labor TAACCCT grant. State/regional organizations decide which programs of study in their region are best suited to meet the goals of the TAACCCT grant, and these specific programs of study constitute the MoWINS programs.

Technology Enabled Pathways to Healthcare (TEPH) are grant-assisted programs of study coordinated by OTC under a U.S. Department of Labor TAACCCT grant. These programs of study are administered exclusively through OTC campuses and centers to address the unique needs of industries and adult learners in the Southwest Missouri region.

Developing Local Economies

Part of the grant initiative is to help state and regional industries increase their workforce in fields with high demand for new professionals. In response, the MCCA and area colleges have chosen to apply the grant funds to programs with the highest demands for new workers, and the highest rate of job placement in Missouri. This benefits local economies, as well as participating students.

Frequently Asked Questions about MoWINS

How are TEPH and MoSTEM WINS related to TAACCCT?

TEPH and MoSTEM WINS are the programs coordinated by MCCA and area colleges to make use of the TAACCCT grant distributions from the Department of Labor (DOL). The DOL makes no stipulation as to the subject matter of the programs that should be offered through the grant funding. Instead, the exact programs to offer are determined by the regional institutions according to current job market trends and student success.

What does MoWINS mean?

MoWINS stands for “Missouri Workforce Innovation Networks Grants”.

How is Grant Money Distributed?

TAACCCT grant funds are distributed directly to participating colleges (not students) to offset costs of creating, modifying, or extending programs of study. This allows participating colleges to offer the programs to eligible students at a reduced tuition cost. Please note: the TAACCT grant programs apply only to tuition on grant-eligible courses: tuition on non-grant courses and all other fees, books, and supply costs still apply . See student benefits for more information.

What is a Trade Act participant?

A Trade Act participant is a recipient of benefits provided by the Trade Adjustment Act of 1974, which was revised in 2010, 2011, and 2014. This federal program was created to assist workers who have lost their jobs as a result of foreign trade.

What does it mean to be underemployed?

An underemployed person is one working in an occupation that is insufficient in pay rate or number of hours worked, or a person who is overqualified for the position they are in, but can’t find a suitable position due to market conditions.

What is a displaced worker?

Also called dislocated worker, these are workers who have lost their employment due to unavoidable circumstances like lay-offs, company closure, natural disaster, or economic condition, in the case of self-employment.

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