Department Chair and Program Director Resources

General Safety Resources:
In an emergency situation, call Security at:

  • 417-447-6911 Springfield Campus
  • 417-447-7861  Richwood Valley Campus
  • 417-447-8946  Table Rock Campus
  • 417-447-6689  Lebanon Center
  • 417-447-6640   Waynesville Center

In case of emergency, dial 911.
Students and employees have rights under Title IX, for more information and resources, check out the OTC Title IX webpage.
Student Concerns
All situations of concern regarding students should be reported through OTC Cares.
Students with grievances should follow OTC’s Grievance Procedure for Students
Employee Concerns
You should speak with your Dean or Human Resources about situations of concern regarding employees (faculty and staff).

Course Abstracts

  • You can access current and archived course abstracts on your OTC Office 365 account.  The first time you access this site from a new computer you’ll need to log in a few different times.  Just use your OTC username and current password. Click on “documents” on the left hand side menu to get started.

Curriculum Committee
A curriculum committee made up of faculty and resources members from across the college meets twice a year to review and approve curriculum changes.  You’ll need to use the Curriculog system to propose making any of the following changes:

  • course name
  • credit hours
  • course descriptions / rationale
  • program requirements
  • course objectives

Use your OTC username and current password to log in.
When approved, all curriculum changes are coded into Datatel by the Registrar’s office and are added to the Catalog by the Coordinator of Curriculum.

The employee evaluation process is managed through the Human Resources office.
All full-time employees (faculty and staff) are evaluated annually.  Please see your Dean for Division procedures on the evaluation of part-time employees
The Employee Evaluation Instructions page on the HR website gives you

  • instructions on how to conduct employee evaluations (for full-time employees)
  • the official forms you should use to conduct employee evaluations (for full-time employees)

Chair / Director refresher session

  • will be held before Faculty Development days

Faculty Development Days – Department Meeting

  • W-F the week before classes start, meetings usually Thursday afternoon

Assessment from last year’s annual plan due in SPOL

  • 31st

Proposals for new course and program fees due to finance office

  • first week

Program Showcase – if applicable

  • morning of College Development Day

College Development Day – Department Meeting

  • usually in the afternoon

Curriculum proposals due for April meeting

  • DATE?

Program review due

  • 28th

Staff evaluations due

  • 1st

Textbook adoptions for Summer due

  • 1st

Annual Plans due in SPOL

  • 15th

Budget Proposals due  – if applicable

  • usually DATE?

Spring schedule “goes live” on the website

  • usually DATE?

Program review peer review sessions

  • occur all month

Textbook adoptions for Fall due

  • 1st

Curriculum Meeting

  • usually DATE?

Advising Fair

  • happens the first day of registration

Faculty Evaluations due

  • 15th

Assessment of Student Learning data due in SPOL – if applicable

  • the day grades are due