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The Office of Institutional Effectiveness arranges employee learning opportunities (professional development) for the College community to ensure that quality faculty and staff are supporting the College and its mission.

Annually, each full-time employee of the College must earn a number of professional development hours (based on their position). According to Policy 3.08 of the Board of Trustees Policies and Procedures Manual, twenty hours are expected of full-time faculty members and administrators, while staff members are required to earn ten. Hours should be divided between two of the three categories:

  • Personal Improvement
  • College/Academic Involvement
  • Community Involvement

An employee’s personal development hours should be submitted to his/her supervisor during evaluations. Faculty hours should follow the academic year (start of fall semester to end of spring semester). Staff and administration hours should follow the calendar year.

OTC provides several learning opportunities/professional development activities on campus throughout the academic year to help instructors meet the state and college professional development requirements. Instructors are encouraged to participate in industry specific professional development when available if budgets will allow. Employee Learning Opportunities (professional development) are available monthly at the College.

Note:   If you would like to facilitate a session for the next semester, please follow the directions on this form.  Proposals will then be sent to an ad-hoc committee for review and approval.  The calendar will be distributed at the start of the new semester.

Proposals for summer 2018 sessions are due March 31, 2018.

Proposals for fall 2018 sessions are due June 30, 2018.

Schedule and Forms

Use the buttons below to see the employee learning opportunities (professional development)  that are currently scheduled. You can RSVP for a session using the NEW Employee Learning Opportunities (professional development) Calendar or just download the full catalog.

Earned professional development hours should be recorded and submitted to your supervisor during your annual evaluation. Click for the 2018 staff and administration form. Click for the 2017-2018 form for faculty.

We are in the process of building the “OTC Professional Development” YouTube channel. Check back every once in a while for new videos.

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