The Honors Conference is a daylong event held on the Springfield OTC Campus during the spring semester and hosted by the OTC Honors Program, joined by the Missouri State West Plains Honors Program as well as the OTC Middle College Honors Program.

The events begin with registration and breakfast served by the OTC Culinary Arts Department. Following breakfast, students attend a series of informational and educational presentations. The presentations cover a variety of topics and are put together by Honors students and faculty.

Following the presentations, the OTC Culinary Arts Department provides lunch. During this time, students form the various schools are able to meet and talk with other students and discuss the presentations and various other topics.

After lunch, entertainment is provided and followed by a three course meal for dinner and musical performances, provided by the OTC Culinary Arts Department and OTC Performing and Chamber Choir. After dinner, a guest speaker provides the keynote speech after which the Honors Director concludes the conference.