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Benefits of the Honors Program

Why Join the OTC Honors Program?
  • Honors classes shown on transcript and honors program completion shown on diploma
  • Program completion noted in graduation program and medallion worn at ceremony
  • Many universities including Missouri State, Drury and the University of Missouri accept part or all of OTC’s honors courses into their honors colleges. This means that students can fulfill some of the honors program requirements for many universities while attending OTC.
  • Honors program scholarship opportunities exist both at OTC and when transferring to many honors colleges at universities.
  • All honors students utilize the director of the honors program as their dedicated academic advisor

Honors students have the benefit of:

  • Taking classes with students who care about their education and want more out of it
  • Having the opportunity to work with other honors students through the Honors Student Council and various campus and community volunteering opportunities

Honors courses have:

  • Smaller class sizes (typically less than 16 students)
  • Honors instructors who are selected specifically to teach in their field of expertise.
  • Greater opportunities to explore, think creatively, collaborate, investigate and interact with both other honors students and instructors.
  • An environment designed to challenge students to think and learn more than traditional courses.

The Honors program also offers:

  • Opportunities to submit work and/or present at regional and national conferences
  • Travel opportunities to conferences, special events, world renowned speakers, etc.
  • Unique workshop and personal/professional enrichment opportunities.
Exclusive Honors Program Scholarships

Click on the boxes below to find out more about the scholarships that are exclusively for students who are members of the OTC Honors Program (Provost and Dean’s Honors Scholarship) as well as a link to the OTC Foundation Scholarships web page:

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