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2018 OTC Honors Conference Registration

Hosted by the Honors Program of Ozarks Technical Community College

To register for the OTC Honors Conference, please send an email to
and request an OTC Honors Conference Registration Form if one has not been provided to you by your institution. OTC students may download a copy here.

After completely filling out the form, please rename it into this format:
firstname_lastname_ConferenceReg (example: John_Doe_ConferenceReg.pdf)

After the above steps have been completed, email the finished form to

After you have completed the registration form, please close then reopen it to ensure that your entered information has been saved. We have had issues with blank forms being sent in the past.
See below for tips on filling out the form.

How to download and fill the registration form:

If you fill out the form from inside Chrome, you will need to use the Print to PDF function so the form fields are filled/saved.
If you DOWNLOAD the form first, you will need to fill it out using the Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat Professional application on the computer and save it.
If you fill out the form inside Chrome with the Adobe Plugin and then hit Download, it will download a BLANK FORM.


Thank you for your interest in the OTC Honors Conference.

There is a $25 Registration fee for non OTC – Honors Program students.
Payment required prior to conference date, for more information please contact:

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