High School Health Sciences Faculty

Health Sciences Program Faculty

Associate’s Degree, Ozarks Technical Community College

Licensed Practical Nurse Certificate, Ozarks Technical Community College

Office: LCN 125A

Phone: (417) 447-8827

Kimberley Griffin, ASN, RN

Kimberley Griffin, R.N.graduated from Ozarks Technical Community College with her Associates of Science in Nursing in 2015 and with her Licensed Practical Nurse certificate in 2007.

Kimberley has worked in the hospital setting in various areas; including Neurology, Urgent Care/ Emergency Department, and Geriatrics. She served as the Disaster and Emergency Planning Coordinator for Urgent Care. Kimberley began her teaching career in 2010 in the Center for Workforce Development at Ozarks Technical Community College as a Clinical Supervisor for Nurse Assistant Program.  In 2011, she began working with the Career Center Health Science Students in the clinical setting and began teaching full time in the program in 2015.