Night & Day

Go Anywhere Literary Magazine

“It’s like night and day,” we sometimes say, and by that we mean that something is different than it was before. Usually, it’s become better; the outlook is much brighter than it was. For many students the difference between their lives before and after they attend OTC fits this description.

Community college students begin their education at various stages in their lives. Some of them come at the dawn when everything seems fresh and new and full of promise. Others come a little later, having already started their families and working lives but looking for new opportunities and better days for themselves and their children. Sometimes people come to OTC because it is the light in the darkness. We have students who have experienced the horrors of war, the desperation of domestic violence, or more commonly, the gloomy hours of an unsteady economy. An empty bank account can make it feel as though the sun will never shine again.

Of course, inevitably, it does. The darkest night will always end in sunrise. For many people, OTC is the candle that gets them through the night. Wherever our students are when they come through our doors, every graduation is a new day dawning.

The work in this second edition of Go Anywhere is a collection of various emotions, ideas and experiences. Some of them are much darker than others, but all of them lead to a new day and a new beginning.

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