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Early Start Admission Process

Apply for Admission

Complete the free application online. Remember to select Early Start.

If you are a returning student with an OTC username and password, use your OTC email to contact and request your account is changed to Early Start.


Complete the online Orientation. Orientation is a great way to learn what to expect with OTC. Learn about program options, cost and payment options, and much more. Login to MyOTC to start your orientation.

Request Official Transcripts

College Transcripts
If you previously completed college credit (including dual credit), contact all previously attended colleges to have official transcripts sent to OTC:

Admissions Office
Ozarks Technical Community College
1001 E. Chestnut Expressway
Springfield, MO 65802

Click here to see how college credits from another institution transfer to OTC.

High School Transcripts
If you are currently in high school, send your transcript after graduation.

Guided Self-Placement

Guided Self-Placement is an alternative to timed placement tests like the ACT; it may be a more effective mechanism for placement in English, math and reading courses related to student experiences, interests, and goals.

With the help of our Self-Placement Guidelines, it is the student’s responsibility to decide which English, math and reading courses are best.  It is important that you make an informed and wise choice about placement.

Complete the process  via the button below prior to registering in classes.

Attend STAR and Register for Classes

Before registering for classes, students must attend Student Advising and Registration (STAR). STAR is a classroom style training session for student to learn about programs of study, how to create an education plan and how to register for classes.

To assist with your college and/or career-choice decisions, we recommend exploring the free Academic and Career Exploration (ACE) services before attending STAR.

If you have difficulty registering for STAR, use your OTC email to contact and request your account is updated to Early Start.

Make Tuition Payment Arrangements - MyPay MyWay

After registering for classes, make payment arrangements before the payment deadline.

  • Option 1 – Pay tuition in full by making an immediate payment.
  • Option 2 – Set-up a payment plan for monthly deductions from a bank account or credit card.

Log in to myOTC and select the Student Accounts to get started. For all payment information, see Tuition Payment Information.

Note: Early Start students are not eligible for Financial Aid. Payment arrangements must be made each semester. If you are dropped from class(es) due to non-payment, you will not receive credit for the class.

Purchase Textbooks

For required textbooks and materials information, log in to myOTC, select the graduation hat on the left-hand menu, Bookstore Materials, select correct semester, and then View Books. Course materials for some courses may list “AutoAccess,” use the button below to learn more.  Students who set up a MyPay Monthly Payment Plan may charge textbooks and materials to their student account.

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