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Testing FAQ

Disability Support Services works closely with Testing Services to ensure students receive their accommodations. Please explore the Testing Services website for more information about the testing process or any other questions you may have regarding testing.

Where do I Send My Exams?

When one of your students submits an Exam Request Form, please send your exam to Testing Services. DSS works closely with Testing Services to ensure students receive their accommodations; however, Testing Services handles all requests initially. Sending exams to DSS may cause confusion or a delay in the provision of a student’s accommodations.

What Happens When a Student Finishes Their Exam?

Once finished with their exam, the student will return it to the staff of their testing center, either Testing Services or Disability Support Services. The exam will then be returned to the appropriate instructor according to the delivery method they selected on the Exam Request Form. Faculty may indicate whether they would like to pick up the exam in Testing Services or have it delivered to their campus mailbox. Once complete, exams should be delivered within 24 hours.

What Happens if a Student Doesn’t Schedule Their Exams?

Disability Support firmly believes it is the student’s responsibility to schedule exams, not the instructor. This expectation is explained when services begin and is outlined in the accommodation memo students receive each semester. Should a student fail to request an exam it is the expectation of Disability Support that the student plans to take the exam in class. Instructors are welcome to send exams to Testing Services without a student request form but are asked to wait until 3 days before the class is scheduled to take the exam before doing so.

What if My Exam Never Shows Up”?

Should an exam fail to arrive in your mailbox after a student reports they have completed it, please do not assume the exam is lost. Testing Services takes great care to ensure the security and integrity of all exams. Please contact Testing Services if you have questions of where an exam is in the accommodation process.

What Testing Accommodations Can a Student Receive?

Extra Time – Time allowed in class x2. Students are not provided with unlimited time through Disability Support. Unlimited time is not recommended by Disability Support and is at the discretion of the instructor.

Use of a Reader – Disability Support staff are available to read exams to students if it is deemed reasonable. Staff are not permitted to assist the student in any way and are only allowed to read the exam word for word, elaborating nothing.

Use of a Scribe – Disability Support staff are available to scribe exams for students if it deemed reasonable. Staff are not permitted to assist the student in any way and are only to act as their hands. Staff are not allowed to assist in spelling, grammar, punctuation or style.

Assistive Technology – Some students may require the use of assistive technology when taking exams. The specific technology may or may not be outlined on the student’s accommodation letter. Disability Support and Testing Services will work together to ensure the exam is accessible to the student.

Distraction Reduced Testing – The majority of students receiving Disability Support Services will test in Testing Services. A minority will take their exam in Disability Support. We ask that exams be delivered to Testing Services regardless of their final location.

Chunking – Students may be allowed to take the exam over multiple sessions. This accommodation must be approved by a Disability Resource Counselor, usually for health reasons (E.g. frequent restroom breaks, poor circulation, etc…). Students are not allowed to leave the testing area with any part of the exam, and will only be given one page at a time for test security.

Music – Some students may be allowed to listen to pre-approved music should they take exams outside of class. This is usually done by the student signing in to Pandora, or other streaming services and listening via an OTC computer where their internet activity can be monitored.

Formula Cards – When answers are dependent on a formula, students may be allowed to use a formula card. Students must gain the instructors approval and have the card initialed before taking the exam. All formula cards should be turned in with the exam.

What if my Exam is Online?

Should a student request an online exam please pay close attention to what accommodations are requested. Extra time will have to be provided through Canvas by the instructor using the “Moderate this quiz” settings. Again, extra time at OTC is traditionally class time x2.

Other accommodations will be provided by Disability Support Services. Should instructors have any questions concerning accommodations and online exams please contact Disability Support for more information.

What Happens if my Student Cancels or Misses a Scheduled Exam?

Disability Support asks that instructors be flexible with students who cancel or miss an exam appointment for disability related reasons. The nature of many disabilities can be unpredictable making it possible for students to miss appointments. As with the attendance policy accommodation, we ask that instructors contact Disability Support should they feel a student is abusing scheduling or rescheduling exams.

Should a student miss an exam but not contact Disability Support to reschedule, the exam will be returned to the instructor’s mailbox after the exam expires or after 2 weeks.

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