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Information for Students

Providing accommodations and services to students with disabilities requires constant and clear communications between the student, DSS staff and other faculty and staff at OTC. Below are some common questions students have concerning services and accommodations through Disability Support.

What kind of services does Disability Support offer?

The staff of Disability Support Services can assist students in obtaining the following services:

  • Individual academic advising
  • Classroom accommodations
  • Support personnel (interpreters, readers, writers and notetakers)
  • Assistive technology
  • Alternate format for textbooks
  • Referrals to and liaison with campus and community resources

How do I qualify for services?

To qualify for services, students must self-identify to the DSS office and provide written documentation of their disability from a qualified professional or agency. Students should complete this documentation at least six weeks prior to the beginning of each semester so that accommodations can be in place when classes begin.

How do I register for accommodations?

Students can register with DSS by filling out an application for accommodations which can be done one of two ways:

  • Students can fill out the application online at this link.
  • Students can stop by a DSS office on any campus and pick up a paper application.

After students complete the application a DSS staff member will contact you to make a 1 hour intake appointment. It is at this point that we will ask for documentation concerning the students disability disability.

How do accommodations work?

The process of determining accommodations is interactive, taking into account the student’s disability and the essential functions of the course/courses in which the student is enrolled.  It is important to note that OTC will not fundamentally alter programs in order to accommodate a student. Moreover, requesting an accommodation does not guarantee that Disability Services will grant the request. Should Disability Services deny a request for an accommodation, it is possible that Disability Services, the instructor and the student can work together to provide alternative accommodations.

How will my instructors know I receive accommodations?

Students who need accommodations must register each semester with the DSS office. Disability Services will develop Instructor Accommodation Memos, which describe the student’s needed accommodations, with the student’s written permission. The DSS office emails Accommodation Memos to the student’s OTC email address. It is the student’s responsibility to deliver these memos to instructors. The student should discuss all accommodations with each instructor.

Example Accommodation Memo

How do I file a complaint or grievance?

Should you feel someone has violated your rights during the process of the new client intake or in receiving accommodation services, you may file a grievance.

Students must submit grievances in writing and include a signature by you or your representative. It must include your name, address and telephone number, detailed description of the incident, the individual responsible and what relief you are seeking. You should always discuss the issue with your DSS Counselor first.

Disability Support Services outlines the official grievance procedure below:

    The complainant should file a grievance with the Director of Disability Support. Students must postmark grievances no more than ten working days after the incident. The Assistant Dean, Disability Support then has ten working days to respond to the complaint.
    If unsatisfied with the Director of Disability Support’s response, the complainant may appeal the decision to the Dean of Academic Services. Students should file appeals no more than ten working days after receiving the Assistant Dean, Disability Support’s response to the grievance. The Dean of Academic Services then has ten working days to respond to the appeal.
    If unsatisfied with the Dean of Academic Services’ response, the complainant may appeal to the Student Services Committee as the Student Handbook indicates. The chairperson will convene the committee, hear the grievance and recommend solutions to the college chancellor. The decision of the college chancellor shall be final.

Grievance Procedure for Disability Support Students

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