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Faculty and Staff Information

Providing accommodations and services to students with disabilities requires constant and clear communications between the student, DSS staff and other faculty and staff at OTC. Below are some common questions faculty and staff have about how they can best serve students with disabilities.

What do I need to do for student with disabilities?

Faculty Responsibilities to students with disabilities include…

  • To make an announcement at the beginning of each class regarding the willingness to discuss accommodation with students
  • To include a statement in all syllabuses regarding the willingness to accommodate students with disabilities
  • To meet as quickly as possible with students who provide an accommodations memo from the DSS office (students should initiate this meeting, but faculty can take the initiative when students are reluctant to self-advocate)
  • To hold students with disabilities to the same academic and behavioral standards as all students
  • To ensure that the proposed accommodation does not substantially alter curricular standards
  • To contact the DSS office if there are questions about the appropriateness of a required accommodation
  • To continue to provide the accommodation until a resolution has been determined
  • To uphold the confidentiality of students’ disability-related issues
  • To assist the student in contacting the DSS office when a student requests an accommodation without an accommodations memo from the DSS office
  • Faculty should not grant any form of accommodations for disability-related reasons without an Accommodation Memo from the DSS Office.

How will I know a student is a Disability Support client?

Students who have registered with disability support should notify you either by email or in person by presenting you with an Accommodations Memo and discussing their accommodations with you.

What does an Accommodation Memo look like?

What are some examples of in class and testing accommodations a student might have?

  • Service animals policies and procedures
  • Spelling accommodations
  • Speech-to-text transcription services
  • Notetaking services
  • Role of the lab assistant for students with disabilities
  • Visual describers
  • Testing accommodations
  • Alternate formats
  • Tape recording lectures
  • Advocacy for disability-related absences

I'm an employee with a disability, what should I do?

Employees of OTC who have disabilities that require accommodations should contact Human Resources at this link.

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