Who is a qualified individual with a disability in college?

A person with a disability who meets the academic and technical standards required for admission or participation in the college’s programs or activities.

Can parents or others obtain information from the DSS office?

The DSS office staff cannot share information about students without the student’s written permission.

Can faculty or staff see a student's documentation of disability?

If it is determined that there is a need to know, documentation can be released to appropriate personnel. This release usually occurs when there is a threat to harm a person or property.

Can faculty or staff be told what the student's specific disability is?

No. However, two circumstances warrant faculty/staff DSS to specific information about a student’s disability: The student gives permission to the DSS office to disclose disability to faculty/staff, or it is determined that there is a need to know. This circumstance usually occurs when there is a threat to harm a person or property.

How long will the DSS office keep documentation?

The DSS office keeps documentation for five years after the student has stopped attendingĀ Ozarks TechnicalĀ Community College.

Can a student or anyone else have a copy of the documentation?

The DSS office will not release documentation without the student’s permission. Releasing documentation is determined on a case-by case basis.

Can the instructor notifications be issued for only one instructor?

Yes. Students may inform one, some or all of their instructors.

Can students change their minds about using or not using accommodations?

Yes, but accommodations are never retroactive. For example, a student cannot set up accommodations at midterm and expect to be able to retake tests with accommodation that were taken prior to midterm.

Will the Instructor Notification Memo be automatically given to students every semester?

They are not issued automatically. Each semester students must make an appointment with the DSS office to request accommodations.