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Disability Documentation

Disability documentation is written proof that a disability exists. Documentation is necessary to determine if there is a substantial limitation to a major life activity such as learning, walking, talking, seeing, hearing, etc. It also provides information the college needs in order to consider accommodations.

Do you offer disability testing?

Disability Testing

Ozarks Technical Community College does not conduct disability testing.

Who can see my documentation?


Documentation of disability is kept separate from the student’s college file. Therefore, only Disability Support Services staff have the ability to see student files.

How does Disability Support use my documentation?

Using Documentation

DSS uses documentation to determine:

  • If a disability is present
  • If the disability causes a substantial limitation to a major life activity such as learning, hearing, seeing, speaking, walking, etc
  • Eligibility for specific cccommodations for equal DSS

The extent of documents DSS requires may vary depending on the claimed disability and requested accommodations.  DSS may request additional documents as needed in order to provide the most appropriate accommodations.

When does DSS need a copy of documentation?

When does DDS Need Documentation

In order to provide the most accurate accommodations, it is helpful to have documents at or before the time of a student’s intake appointment.

Where can my documentation come from?

What Types of Documentation

Documentation can come from a variety of sources such as:

  • The Missouri Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Public high schools (504 & IEPs)
  • Private physicians
  • Licensed psychologists
  • Veterans administration
  • Private rehabilitation centers or agencies
  • Office serving students with disabilities at other colleges/universities

What if I don't have documentation?

Lack of Documentation

If you can’t find your documents or you aren’t sure how to request documentation from your doctor or agency, that is okay. Our counselors and support staff will work with you to request it on your behalf.

If you have never had diagnostic testing done or it is more than 3 years old, we still encourage you to request a meeting with a counselor if you believe you have a disability or have received services in the past.

How should I deliver my documentation?

Delivery of Documentation

Your documents can be delivered two ways:

  • Sign a Release of Information form so that the DSS office can obtain written permission to send for documentation.
  • Have it mailed or faxed by the qualified professional.
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