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Application Deadline

May 31

About the DHY Program

The dental hygienist is the only member of the professional dental health team, other than the dentist, who is licensed to provide direct patient care.  Contemporary dental hygiene practice requires that dental hygienists possess a breadth of knowledge and skills in a variety of areas.


The Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) accredits the OTC Dental Hygiene program. This accreditation allows the student to sit for the National Board Dental Hygiene examination and a State Clinical Board examination.

Career Options

Dental hygiene has a variety of career opportunities students may pursue after graduation such as work within clinical practice, public health, research, educator, pharmaceutical sales, area services, hospital-based treatment and nursing home care. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, dental hygienists will experience a much faster than average job outlook.

The OTC Dental Hygiene program will prepare the students to:

  • Exhibit the Skills Necessary to Treat All Patients
  • Provide Effective Oral Healthcare
  • Display Professionalism and Ethical Conduct
  • Provide Community Service
  • Practice Management Techniques
  • Understand the General Dental Pharmacology Principles


The goals of the dental programs are threefold:

  1. The student will comprehend, analyze and evaluate concepts established by evidence-based clinical theory utilized by dental health care professionals.
  2. Also, the student will demonstrate the ability to apply technical proficiency in skills necessary to fulfill their role as a dental health care professional.
  3. The student will exhibit professionalism in areas of personal growth through continuing education, community service, employer expectations and as members of their professional organizations.

Informational Sessions

All applicants are required to attend a dental program informational session at least once per academic year in order to learn what is required prior to and during the application process. Dental Program Informational sessions are offered frequently and no appointment is necessary.


Questions that cannot be answered via the provided links should be emailed to or contact the Allied Health office in Lincoln Hall, room 210, on the OTC Springfield campus by phone at the following numbers: 417-447-8803, 447-8804, or 447-8954.

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