Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management
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The Culinary Arts & Hospitality programs at OTC offer exemplary experience at a third the cost of private culinary or hospitality education options. Offering rich, hands-on learning experiences from trained chefs, hospitality industry veterans and more, the Culinary Arts & Hospitality department is designed to prepare students for exciting employment opportunities in a sizzling industry.

Culinary Arts

Accredited by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation Accrediting Commission, the OTC Culinary Arts program provides students a hands-on way to turn a passion into employment. Serving up skills necessary to thrive in a creative industry, students may choose one of two emphasis areas: culinary arts or baking and pastry. For each, students will take courses in food preparation, baking, pastries, food safety and more. Recognized as an Exemplary program by the ACFEF Commission, core classes include: World Cuisine, European Pastries, Chocolates & Sugars, Contemporary Cuisine, Introduction to Food Preparation & Theory, Dining Room Management, Supervisory Management and much more.  Upon completion, students receive an Associate of Applied Science of Culinary Arts. For an expedited path to employment in baking, students may acquire a Culinary Arts – Baking Arts Certificate; this one year program is a concentration of course work specific to employment in the baking and pastry field.

Program Snapshot

Hospitality Management

Learn how to operate and manage an on-campus restaurant, design and market menus for prospective customers, receive national certification in ServSafe food safety program and more in this immersive program. Gain the skills needed for supervisory/management positions in restaurants, bars and hotels; classwork focuses on how to effectively manage day-to-day operations within these areas a variety of hospitality organizations. Courses include Dining Room Management, Front Office Procedures,  Hospitality Accounting, Bar and Beverage Management, Supervisory Management, Catering & Banquets and more. Upon completion, students receive an Associate of Applied Science in Hospitality Management.



We are happy that you have chosen to explore a career in the culinary and hospitality industry and look forward to working together on an exciting, new future.  If you have any questions or would like further information on our program, please email me or call at 417-447-8281.  Together, we can achieve your success toward building a career in this industry.


Lisa Gardner
Department Chair
Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management

Accreditation Information

This program is accredited by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation Accrediting Commission (ACFEFAC), 180 Center Place Way, St. Augustine, FL 32095, (904) 824-4468.  The program’s next scheduled review is in 2019.  The Culinary Arts Option has earned “exemplary” status.

The American Culinary Federation Education Foundation Accreditation Commission (ACFEFAC) and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) require that ACFEF accredited programs routinely provide reliable information to the public on their performance, including student achievement.  In accordance with CHEA Standards, ACFEFAC requires their accredited institutions to publish the following Program Outcomes for each of the previous two (2) years for all ACFEFAC accredited programs if applicable:  Graduation Rate, Job Placement Rate and ACF Certification Rate.

The combined Graduation and Job Placement Rates for the AAS in Culinary Arts for both Option #1 Baking & Pastry and Option #2 Culinary Arts is listed below:


Job Placement Rate:                       88%                                      95%

Additional Certifications Attained: 

ServSafe:                                           94%                                     92%

NOCTI – Culinary                              95%                                       97%

NOCTI – Baking                                 73%                                      82%

Additional program data and statistics are available through the following links:

Graduate Survey Report

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