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Single Parents & Displaced Homemakers grant application

This is a need-based grant.  Students applying must complete the FAFSA and be enrolled in a certificate, applied science, or engineering degree program at OTC.  Preference is given to students who have not completed an associate degree. Students must apply each semester in order to be eligible.


  • Single Parent or Single Pregnant Woman

    Individuals who are unmarried or separated from a spouse, and have a minor child (ren) for which the parent has either sole custody or joint custody; or is pregnant and unmarried.

  • Displaced Homemaker

    Missouri resident whose principle job has been homemaking and  has not been employed on a full time basis (40 hrs. per week) for at least three years and one of the following three requirements:

    • This individual has lost his/her main source of income because of divorce, separation, death, or disability of a spouse;
    • OR has a long-term family income that is below the poverty level;
    • OR has lost eligibility for public assistance.
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