Business, Accounting, and Economics Department Chair

MS, Southwest Baptist University

BS, Southwest Baptist University

Office: GRF 114B

Phone: (417) 447-8817

J.C. Walker

Courses taught:  BUS 110 Principles of Business, BUS 115 Personal Financial Planning, BUS 130 Principles of Marketing, and BUS 140 Business Communications.

Professional Experience:

MBA Director and Business Instructor for Southwest Baptist University

General Manager for JJER Enterprises (Franchise group – owning restaurants and hotels)

General Manager for Marriott Hotels


Keeping up with current events for new examples in the classroom.

I am an Illinois native, moved to the Ozarks in 2003 and never looked back.  Each of my past careers required that I work with young people and trained them how to improve their performance.  When the opportunity to teach came to me in 2003, I embraced it.  I love working with students and helping them achieve their goals.

What books are you currently reading? I just started a biography on Thomas Jefferson about his years as ambassador to France and I’m almost always reading some kind of Sci-fi book just for the pleasure of it.

What kind of music is on your iPod? What’s an iPod? Allison Kraus, Nickel Creek, Brad Paisley, and 80s rock are just a few of my stations on Pandora Radio.

Describe your ideal vacation: I’m kind of a nerd and I like to blend vacation time with learning something new, so I really like museums or visiting historical locations. One of my favorite places to visit has to be Washington D.C., it is amazing because of the history and the memorials that are located there.

List the schools you attended and any earned degrees.

  1. Kaskaskia College – AA
  2. Southwest Baptist University – BA – Management and Marketing
  3. Southwest Baptist University – Master of Science in Administration


  1. What made you interested in your degree area: 

    1. My first job was as a bus boy at a steakhouse when I was 15 years old and during my first evaluation, the manager wrote that I was a very bossy bus boy.  I have been interested in policy, procedure and doing things the correct way first for a very long time.  As soon as I found out I could make a career out of it, I was won over.  By the way, that same manager made me a Shift Supervisor when I turned 17.
  1. Brief history of what brought you to OTC?

    1. In the 90’s, I attended SBU and really fell in love with the region, so I always had it in the back of my mind I would like to move back.  In 2002, SBU contacted me about working as their MBA Director for the College of Business and Computer Science, which I did for five years.  As I gained experience, I really fell in love with teaching.  Coming to OTC gave me the opportunity to be in the classroom full time.  Since I had attended a community college immediately out of high school, I know the impact that teachers can have to help motivate students to success.  That ability to promote success with students is what keeps me motivated.
  2. Did you work in industry or have you always taught?

    1. I worked in the hospitality industry for 15 years.  Fairfield Inn by Marriott was my first General Manager position in Indianapolis, Indiana.  All I can say about that is, you better be ready for the Indianapolis 500, because that city is BUSY.  After Marriott, I moved back to my home town and was the General Manager for JJER, Enterprises, which owned a Ramada Limited, Ponderosa Steakhouse, and we eventually opened a KFC/Taco Bell.
  3. What committees do you serve on either at OTC or in the community?

    1. As the Department Chair for Business, Accounting, and Economics at OTC, I participate in a lot of different areas, including curriculum, advising, adjunct training, and textbook selection.  I am a very active pet owner, volunteering my time to assist with animal related causes occurs though out the year.
  4. What is your favorite class to teach and why?

Right now my favorite class is ACC 220 – Principles of Accounting.  I really enjoy showing future managers how to use numbers to support decisions on scheduling, inventory management, and general spending.