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Finals Fa2018

Finals are quickly approaching. It is a very taxing and demanding time for both teachers and students alike. The schedule for 2018 Fall semester schedules can be accessed on the OTC website through schedules, events, and important dates. Here are some tips for a successful finals experience:

  1. Grades are important but don’t let grades define you. Even though a passing grade is the key to passing your classes, in the end, grades are just a number.
  2. Organization is key. You want to create an organized environment. Clutter is proven to induce anxiety.
  3. Self-management. Each day consists of the same 24 hours but how you use that 24 hours is what matters.
  4. Speaking of self-management, our brains are like sponges yet we can’t absorb a great quantity of class content overnight.
  5. Study class content by approaching the material in a way you naturally learn (visual, audio, hands-on, verbal, etc. learning).
  6. Teachers: keep motivating and encouraging students. Show them how much potential they have.
  7. Teachers: take time to engage students by thoroughly answering their questions.
  8. Students: remember to always take the time to participate in class and engage with the content that is being taught.

Finals may seem intimidating but with the right resources, such as the ones OTC offers, and the adequate study strategies, finals  can be overcome with confidence. OTC has a lot to offer regarding opportunities to succeed. The Library has adequate and such an immense amount of resources for everyone. OTC also offers the tutoring office that is equipped with friendly and resourceful tutors that are trained to help with various subjects and fields of study.

Quick access to the finals schedule(both Fa2018 and Sp2019):


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