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Practical Nursing Table Rock Admission Information

OTC cannot guarantee that students classified under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program will receive approval to take the licensure exam after program completion. Please contact the state or national agency that administers the professional licensure exam to inquire about licensure exam requirements.

Use the following Practical Nursing Table Rock admission information to get started with the application process!

Application Checklist
READ FIRST – This checklist will assist you in keeping track of the necessary items that you must complete for the application process.

Application Form
Refer to the application form for directions.

Reference Form
Print three references and distribute to individuals who can comment on your academic potential, work performance or potential to function in a healthcare field.  One reference must be from your anatomy or physiology instructor or you may get one from both.  ALL REFERENCES MUST BE RECEIVED BY THE APPLICATION DEADLINE.

Kaplan Test Overview

Kaplan Test Preparation

Kaplan Test Example Questions

Practical Nursing and the Importance of Math

Practical Nursing Interview Process

Missouri Division of Professional Registration – Board of Nursing

Criminal Background Check

Missouri Revised Statute 335.046.1 – License, application for–qualifications for, fee–hearing on denial of license.

Missouri Revised Statute 335.066.1 – Denial, revocation, or suspension of license, grounds for, civil immunity for providing information–complaint procedures.

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