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Community Paramedics (CPs) are members of a distinct community and play an important role. They assess and evaluate community services and systems to identify gaps between the community and healthcare systems/ services. The CP navigates and establishes systems to better serve communities and clients. They help individuals and communities overcome barriers, which prevent them from accessing and benefiting from health services. They serve as advocates, facilitators, liaisons, community brokers and resource coordinators. Community Paramedics are also trained as direct service providers, which will ensure basic and advanced levels of care appropriate to prevention, emergencies, evaluation, triage, disease management and basic oral and mental health. The CP will ensure the overall goal of mentoring and empowering clients, communities and healthcare systems to achieve positive outcomes and to reach the optimal level of wellness for everyone.

The Community Paramedic will receive standardized training – training that is consistent internationally yet can be modified for each community, state and nation. The curriculum will be matched to meet the needs of local communities through a standardized multi-module delivery model. This position will also be developed as a basic foundation for an established pathway that will articulate into higher levels of Paramedic training and other health professionals. The length of Ozarks Technical Community Colleges Community Paramedic course is 64 didactic hours and 120 hours in the clinical setting.

Application Deadline – July 26th

Community Paramedic Application Checklist
READ FIRST – This checklist will assist you in keeping track of the necessary items you must complete for the application process.

Community Paramedic Admission Application
Refer to the application form for directions.

Community Paramedic Reference Form
Print three references and distribute to individuals who are able to comment on your academic potential, work performance, or potential to function in a healthcare field.

One reference must come from your current employer.


Immunization Requirements
Students will be requested at the time of acceptance to submit documentation for required immunizations, TB testing and current Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers CPR.

Criminal Background Check

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