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Welcome to the OTC Associate of Science Nursing Program.

Mission of the ASN program:
The OTC Associate of Science in Nursing program will prepare students to provide quality health care and function as a member of an interdisciplinary health team in order to apply critical thinking skills within this field as well as promote healthy lifestyles to individuals, groups and communities. The program will equip graduates to fulfill the roles of both care provider and care manager within the discipline of nursing.

Missouri Board of Nursing Approves Inclusion of a Paramedic to ASN program at OTC!  Click HERE to see the official announcement.

Additional information may be found on the Preferred Course Sequence and the Application Checklist.

The OTC Associate of Science in Nursing program offers four application deadlines in a hybrid format:

February 15 (June – March)

April 15 (August – May) 

July 15 (October – July)

September 15 (January – October)

OTC cannot guarantee that students classified under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program will receive approval to take the licensure exam after program completion. Please contact the state or national agency that administers the professional licensure exam to inquire about licensure exam requirements.

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