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LENS Mini-Grant Details

The purpose of the LENS Mini-Grants is to provide divisions, departments, programs and areas of the college a source of funds to support evidence-based initiatives to assess OTC’s institutional learning outcomes.


Faculty and staff may apply.

Amount of Funding

Grant award amounts are available up to $1000 each.

Funding Uses

  1. Supplies, resource materials including books, printing and postage
  2. Travel reimbursement for related assessment activities that occur within the fiscal year (must be based on the current OTC travel procedures)
  3. Equipment or software dedicated to assessment efforts of institutional learning outcomes
  4. Honoraria for on-campus visits by guest speakers or external consultants who can provide expertise for assessment efforts.
  5. Faculty and/or staff retreats for assessment initiatives

** All funding requests must follow the College’s purchasing/reimbursement guidelines.  At the conclusion of the project, all expenditures will be submitted to Academic Services for reimbursement.  Expenses exceeding the budgeted amount will be the responsibility of the department.  For information concerning OTC’s purchasing guidelines, please see Policy 6.02.

Application Submission

After completing the application, scan the entire document (including the signature page and budget) and email it to Incomplete applications will not be considered.

20/20 Report

At the conclusion of your project, along with your expenses, you will be required to submit a 20/20 Report, which is a brief summary of your project. Parameters of this report will be included with your award notification.

Application Deadline

Last day of business in September

Grant Announcement

College Developmet Day in October

Final Funds Reimbursement

May 31

20/20 Report Due

May 31

Evaluation Criteria

Winners are determined using the following criteria.

  1. Identification of the institutional learning outcome to be assessed and/or activity that will result in the assessment
  2. Proposed assessment plan, including timeline
  3. Impact on students, faculty, staff and/or curriculum
  4. Plan for analysis and interpretation of results
  5. Communication of the results
  6. Plan of integration of sustainability of assessment practices with the division, department, program or area
  7. Itemized budget (supporting documentation must be included)


Please contact with any questions.

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