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2019-2020 CORE 42 Courses

The 2019-2020 CORE 42 transfer courses are listed below.  These courses will transfer as equivalent college credit to all public two- and four-year colleges and universities in Missouri.  To view the complete list of courses from all Institutions of Higher Education, please see the CORE 42 Course Database.

OTC math courses approved with CORE 42 designation (MTH 128, MTH 128S, MTH 130, MTH 130S, MTH 138) have guaranteed transfer to all Missouri public higher education institutions. Any math course with a CORE 42 prerequisite will satisfy the math general education credit. The higher level math courses may not have direct transfer to all four-year universities. Students should check with their receiving institution for transferability of these courses.

     2019-2020 CORE 42 Course List

ANT-101Introduction to Anthropology
ANT-220Cultural Anthropology
ART-100Art and Experience
ART-101Art History I
ART-105Art History II
ART-120Drawing I
BCS-115Survey of Anatomy & Physiology
BCS-132Allied Health Nutrition
BCS-165Human Anatomy
BIO-100Life Science
BIO-105Environmental Science
BIO-135Nutrition for Living
BIO-142Essential Biology
BIO-160General Biology I
CHM-101Introductory Chemistry
CHM-160General Chemistry I
CHM-160/161General Chemistry I with Lab
COM-100Introduction to Communication
COM-105Public Speaking
COM-150Introduction to Mass Communication*
COM-200Interpersonal Communication
CRM-210Introduction to Criminal Justice*
ECO-270Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO-275Principles of Microeconomics
ENG-100Composition I With Support
ENG-101Composition I
ENG-102Composition II
ENG-150Technical Writing
ENG-180Introduction to Literature
ENG-260Survey of World Literature I
ENG-265Survey of World Literature II
ENG-340Survey English Literature I
ENG-341Survey English Literature II
ENG-350Survey American Literature I
ENG-351Survey American Literature II
FRN-101Beginning French I
FRN-102Beginning French II
GRY-101World Geography
HST-105World History I
HST-106World  History II
HST-120U.S. History I: to 1865
HST-130U.S. History II: 1865 to Present
MTH-128Contemporary Mathematics
MTH-128SContemporary Mathematics
MTH-130College Algebra
MTH-130SCollege Algebra
MTH-138Pre-Calculus Mathematics
MTH-140Analytic Geometry and Calculus I
MTH-141Analytic Geometry and Calculus II
MTH-210Statistical Methods
MTH-215Algebraic Structures
MTH-230Linear Algebra
MTH-240Analytic Geometry and Calculus III
MTH-241Differential Equations
MUS 110Music Fundamentals
MUS-101Music of the World
MUS-105Western Music Appreciation
MUS-106Jazz Appreciation
MUS-235OTC Concert Choir
PHL-101Introduction to Philosophy
PHL-105Introduction to Ethics
PHY-105Introduction to Physics*
PHY-110Introduction to Geology
PHY-115Introduction to Astronomy
PHY-120General Physics I
PHY-220Physics Engineers & Scientists I
PLS-101American Government & Politics
PLS-201International Relations
PSY-110Introduction to Psychology
PSY-130Life Span Development Psychology
REL-100Intro Religions of the World
REL-101Intro to Old Testament*
REL-102Intro to New Testament*
SOC-101Introduction to Sociology
SOC-210Urban Sociology*
SPN-101Beginning Spanish I
SPN-102Beginning Spanish II
THR-101Introduction to Theater
*2019-2020 New MOTR Courses
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