Ozarks Technical Community College is committed providing evidence of the quality of our educational experiences and programs, in order to fulfill our mission and our responsibility to the communities that support us. A focus on demonstrating student performance on course, departmental or programmatic, division, and institutional learning outcomes is critical to OTC’s overall institutional effectiveness. The assessment process produces student learning data that drives OTC’s curriculum, planning, and budgeting processes.

Below you will find resources for faculty, as well as the general public, that explain OTC’s assessment of student learning process in more detail. You will also find student learning outcome assessment data organized by academic year.

Assessment of Student Learning Schedule – Courses
Courses are assessed by course objective at least once every three years. Use the schedule below to see when your course assessment data should be collected and entered into SPOL.

“How To” guide to input program level assessment data into SPOL

“How To” guide to input course objective assessment data into SPOL

SPOL (Strategic Planning Online) is the application OTC uses to enter and store all strategic planning information (which includes assessment of student learning data). This website requires an username and is not publicly accessible.

Section/Course Level Assessment Spreadsheets
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The following reports contain the assessment results for the assessment of student learning within the institution, division, program/department, and course levels. They also contain faculty-proposed action plans for course level assessment data that fell below target thresholds.

Assessment Report for Student Learning Outcomes 2010–2011

Assessment Report for Student Learning Outcomes 2009–2010

Assessment Report for Student Learning Outcomes 2008–2009